Mademoiselle Fifi: Performance for Picasso

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10x10in oil on board

Mademoiselle Fifi: Performance for Picasso”  A beautiful Rococo-style home oversees the Big Sur from the very top of a steep cliff. The contrast between the French coziness and the infinite wilderness of the Pacific defines the owner of the house, Mlle Fifi.

When not dealing with a nightmarish logistics of her business, Mlle Fifi likes to sit on the balcony, she writes romantic novels of happiness and betrayal. At sunsets the noisy families of sea-lions keep her company.

But once a month when the full moon smiles from above and the angry tide is at its highest, the wild side of Mlle Fifi takes over and she gives her own performance, the famous Dance with the Swords. If you are very patient and incurably romantic, she may invite you to the show at her beach castle. ( Allois and Jörge)